Footnote #: 261
Refers to Dialogue: “Would the mere transplanting of the gland”
Time: 00:53:34
Truth Value:

These claims were all actually made by Brinkley.


"Goat glands injected into human glands are of no value . . . American Medical Association urologists testified Friday. . ." ("Goat Gland Injections Berated By Doctors in Brinkley's Case," Owen W. Clements, Valley Morning Star, 25 Mar 1939, Sat, Page 3); "Dr. Brinkley . . . says that in more than 3,000 operations performed . . . he has found it effective in twenty-seven types of disease." ("Gland Transplantations Now Used By Japan To Put Aged Infirm Back To Work, High Class Goat Prices Soar," Springfield Missouri Republican, 16 Mar 1923, Page 10); Shadows and Sunshine, John R. Brinkley, published by John R. Brinkley, Milford Kansas, 1923.

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