Footnote #: 162
Refers to Dialogue: “The motto of our fair state”
Time: 00:29:05
Truth Value: ,

Brinkley never said this, as far as we know, but we like to imagine he might have. The Kansas state motto is so great!

Incidentally, something pretty cool we’re leaving out that he did say is when he compared his suffering to that of Jesus. By now we hope it’s obvious why we left that out.


"Brinkley . . . spoke passionately about his travels and experiences in the Holy Land. 'I, too, have walked up the path Jesus walked to Cavalry,' he said. 'I have spent much time in Palestine and Jerusalem. I stood in the Saviour's tomb. I know how Jesus felt . . . The men in power wanted to do away with Jesus before the common people woke up,' he noted. 'Are you awake here?'"(quoted in both Lee, 126; and Brock, 160).

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