Footnote #: 133
Refers to Dialogue: “Pornography”
Time: 00:22:22
Truth Value: ,

Brinkley faced three charges: KFKB had deviated from its assigned wave length; he was broadcasting obscene and indecent things; and his answers to listeners to his Medical Question Box were “inimical to the public interest.” We are reenacting this hearing as if the FRC were just snobs who didn’t like country music or hated the First Amendment. While these issues were certainly at play, it was most of all the advisability and safety of Medical Question Box (which we’re leaving out completely) that was at issue at the hearing. Prescribing medicines for people over the air was seen as a pretty bad thing to do.


"Commission May Consider Merit" Altoona Mirror, 22 May 1930, Thu, Page 32; Lee, 99.

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