Footnote #: 112
Refers to Image: Newspaper headline
Time: 00:16:24
Truth Value:

The American Medical Association indeed asked the FRC to investigate Brinkley – as did many others, including fans who were simply annoyed that his broadcast was “jumping signals” to override other stations whose programming they enjoyed. We’re leaving that out here for what should be obvious reasons in the context of this scene.


FRC says JRB is broadcasting "indecent and obscene" material; hearing scheduled May 17. Chicago Medical Association had complained. ("Indecent Broadcasting," The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 11 May 1930, Sun, Page 44) "Brinkley's application . . . is opposed by the American Medical Association" ("Witnesses for Brinkley on Stand" The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune, 21 May 1930, Page 1) "The American Medical Association has protested to the FRC" ("Radio Doctor Under Attack" Times Herald, 31 May 1930, Sat, Page 3)

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