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Refers to Dialogue: “America’s fourth radio station”
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At least one source indicates that KFKB was the fourth “commercial” radio station, but the source that author Lee cites is Shruben, and when we went back to Shruben to fact-check this we didn’t find that claim anywhere in the cited article. So we didn’t make this up, but we also don’t have great substatiation.

In any case, assuming it’s true, we still left out the “commercial” part because (1) it’s overly complicated and we don’t really know what it means; and (2) we’re not emphasizing what a self-serving action this was. We want to keep the focus on “innovator/pioneer” here.


"Station WAAP in Wichita was the first in Kansas, but KFKB, the fourth commercial station in the country, would quickly become first in the nation in terms of listener interest" (Lee, 62). Lee cites Francis W. Schruben, "The Wizard of Milford," but we didn't find this claim in Shruben's article.

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