Footnote #: 050
Refers to Dialogue: “At first they came bringing their own goats”
Time: 00:07:35
Truth Value:

This photo of a “patient holding his own goat” is from a newspaper, which doesn’t mean it’s true (especially since the photo accompanies an article claiming that gland transplantation has been made mandatory by Japan – !!!). It seems possible that patients brought their own goats; however, some sources say that Brinkley had been raising goats himself for experimental purposes long before Stittsworth ever showed up, so it’s not clear if this is just another cute PR story.


Japan: "Gland Transplantations Now Used By Japan To Put Aged Infirm Back To Work, High Class Goat Prices Soar," Springfield Missouri Republican, 16 Mar 1923, Page 10. Brinkley had his own goats long before: "Goat Glands Rejuvenate Village" The San Bernardino County Sun, 11 Feb 1923, Sun, Page 22.

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