Footnote #: 007
Refers to Dialogue: “He married a pretty young woman”
Time: 00:01:26
Truth Value: ,

All true (they married August 23, 1913), but actually this was his second marriage. His first marriage was to Sally Wike on January 27, 1907. According to Wood, Brinkley met Sally Wike at the funeral for his Aunt Sally. Since Aunt Sally died on December 25, 1906, that would make their courtship pretty brief: about one month. Again according to Wood, this marriage produced three daughters and ended when Sally left him.

Incidentally, Minnie and John also married after an exceptionally brief courtship (four days).


On Sally: Wood, 60-70; Lee, 19, 23. On Minnie: Wood, 55-8; Lee, 12; Brock, 21.


  1. KDS says:

    The film mentioned two daughters. Why do you here say there were three? What does it matter to the viewer except that details such as this be consistent? Why not make it consistent?

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