Footnote #: 250
Refers to Dialogue: “He had at least five lawyers”
Time: 00:49:47
Truth Value:

In this interview, Brock seems to be incorrect; it was Brinkley with only a couple of lawyers, and Fishbein was the one was all lawyered up. The attorneys for the plaintiff were Messrs. William Morriss Sr. & William Morriss Jr. of San Antonio, and Phil Foster of Del Rio. Fishbein was represented by Messrs Loesch, Scofield, Loesch & Burke of Chicago; Brooks, Napier, Brown & Matthews of San Antonio; and Boggess, LaCrosse & Lowrey of Del Rio, Texas.

Brock’s version of the story is better, anyway.


"The Case of Brinkley v. Fishbein", Journal of the American Medical Association, May 13, 1939, Volume 112, No. 19, p. 1952-1969; "Brown believed his case was hurt by having five lawyers, a claims agent, and the defendant at their table, while [Brinkley] had only himself and his two lawyers" (Lee, 212).

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