Footnote #: 138
Refers to Dialogue: “They revoked both”
Time: 00:23:51
Truth Value: ,

It’s more accurate to say that the FRC declined to renew his radio license. The FRC decision was made on Friday the 13th(!) of June 1930. The vote was 3-2. Also, Brinkley appealed both of these decisions and the appeals process went on for a few more months, but we’re leaving all that our for brevity since his appeals failed anyway.


"Gland Specialist is Ruled Off Air" The Neosho Daily News, 14 June 1930, Page 4; "Brinkley Given Time to Appeal" The Springfield Leader, 14 Jun 1930, Sat, Page 2; "Silence Penalty is Meted Out to Kansas Station" The Post-Crescent, 16 Jun 1930, Mon, Page 9; Lee, 101

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