Footnote #: 127
Refers to Dialogue: “In all my life”
Time: 00:21:10
Truth Value:

This testimony is taken verbatim from a book called Shadows and Sunshine (published by Brinkley) purporting to be a compilation of statements by actual patients. The patient testimony quoted here is from the section titled, “Suffered Tortures of the Damned” (page 19). We don’t know if Brinkley just made all these patient testimonials up or not; it seems likely he did.


Shadows and Sunshine, John R. Brinkley, published by John R. Brinkley, Milford Kansas, page 19. On the "volley of testimonials" provided by Brinkley's patients: "Leonidas F. Richardson of York, Nebraska, raved about the miracles his goat glands had achieved in curing his diabetes, kidney and prostate problems 'almost in the twinkling of an eye. Next, a rejuvenated sixty-eight-year-old offered to jump over a table. A few of these happy customers weren't sure if they'd received goat glads or not – 'but I shouldn't wonder,' said one, 'for I've been wanting to chew sprouts.' On they came, a bank president, a doctor, oil speculators, clerks, a full forty of them before the medical board called a halt" (Brock, 152).

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