Footnote #: 110
Refers to Dialogue: “For going too far”
Time: 00:16:12
Truth Value:

Brock was not speaking about Fishbein’s relationship to Brinkley or other confirmed quacks when he said Fishbein sometimes went “too far” or was “too narrow in his thinking,” so this is also a bit out of context. In fact, what Brock was referring to in this part of our interview was an anti-trust lawsuit filed against Fishbein/the AMA in 1938. The question of whether the AMA acts as a monopoly is complex and worthy of examination; we are not providing that examination here because we want to stick to a much simpler “good guy, bad guy” dynamic for now.


Background on AMA/antitrust laws: Joseph Rosenheck, The American Medical Association and the Antitrust Laws, 8 Fordham L. Rev. 82 (1939).

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