Footnote #: 053
Refers to Dialogue: “Patient would select a goat”
Time: 00:07:49
Truth Value:

“The patient would select a goat with which he had the most connection.” Really though???

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  1. Pope Brock says:

    Yeah, really! I put it in my book because I read it someplace, so I had a source, but really a source means nothing here. I can’t prove it or disprove it empirically. But I think it absolutely had to be true. I mean, I wasn’t saying that a guy would pick the goat he would have fucked if he had the chance, just that he needed to relate to the goat in some way. If Brinkley waves an arm at the herd and says, Which one do you want?, and you know that whichever goat you take is going to be joined to your genitals forever and you’re going to have an image of that particular goat in your head for the rest of your life, then in some mysterious, ineffable way you’re going to be picky.

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